May 01, 2009

April Cakes

Baby Shower Cake for Marci & Baby Preston. It matches her nursery theme.
Bridal Shower Cake for Adelina's Friend
Baptism Cake for R. Becker
Mermaid Cake for Hayley's 2nd Birthday
My Easter Treats for Lauren's Preschool Class
Someone's son loves to fish
Happy Birthday Magdalena
Happy Birthday Sebastian, spelled with an "e" not an "a", what was I thinking. I had to do a quick fix on this one.
Happy 1st Birthday Salma
Lingerie Shower, my boys didn't even want to look at this one.
Happy 8th Birthday Sylvie


Nicole said...

Wow! You're cakes are amazing! I've always wanted to do cakes. You have true talent!

Fun Mom!! said...

Melissa... All I can say is I'm in awe of you!!!! You are amazing! Love your cousin, Linda